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I trust you are keeping well wherever in the world you may be right now.

It’s been a while since I last posted and it has not been overlooked that my last post was D and T publishing related.

I’m absolutely thrilled to have joined the @dandtpublishing family (again) with my next project: The Incarceration of Spring-Heeled Jack.

Spring Heeled Jack’s reign of terror was most prominent in the late 1830s. All over London Town. Rumour and gossip became urban legend and in the decades that followed many sightings were reported around the country. The man, the myth, the monster was never caught.

Or so we were led to believe.

So here’s where the fun begins. Watch this space and feel free to sign up to my social media for updates on this and other projects over the coming year.

Stay safe and see you soon.



Look what arrived!!!

“The end of times. Does it come as a whisper or a bang? Between these pages, sixteen authors put together a story of Armageddon. Each chapter written by a different author with varying views. Find out how the world ends for these authors…..or does it?” 

So excited to be a part of this thrilling post-apocalyptic novel. 16 authors. One story. The first collaborative book from D and T publishing. Available from now!


Fill The Void

The wait is over.

D and T Publishing release their first collaborative novel Fill The Void – a book written by sixteen different authors.

The end of times. Does it come as a whisper or a bang? Between these pages, sixteen authors put together a story of Armageddon. Each chapter written by a different author with varying views. Find out how the world ends for these authors…..or does it?”

I’m delighted to be one of the co-authors of this post-apocalyptic story. I was nervous about starting this one – wondering if I had it in me to bring something worthwhile to such a big project, and to be amongst some extraordinary talent from the indie-horror scene. But once I sat down at the computer and set my fingers on the keyboard, I surprised myself. In all honesty it has to be one of the best writing experiences I’ve had and I was thoroughly pleased with the outcome.

I hope readers enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed writing my chapter. It was, and this book is, an absolute blast.

Fill The Void is available from Amazon now.


ABCs of Terror Volume 3 – Q is for Quill

I’m overjoyed to be part of the D and T Publishing family as my story Q is for Quill is featured in their anthology ABCs of Terror – Volume 3.

Set in the 1920s, Q is for Quill is a story about a boy who is being bullied by a group of fellow students. Until one day, when he finds an old quill in a derelict part of the school and things begin to shift for the terrified child…

ABCs of Terror Volume 3 will be available in eBook format from on Friday 7th May. Ebook, paperback and hardcover editions will be available on Amazon from 21st May 2021.

Hotel Evil – OUT NOW!

It is rumoured the halls of the Piedmont Hotel have been filled with ghosts for years. It’s what led renowned horror director, Jason Horn, to film his latest movie there.

But Hotel Evil is more than a movie. Within these pages are the documented stories of the 13 cast and crew members and the horrors they suffered within those walls.

Dare you peer into the windows and pass through the doors into the Piedmont Hotel? Let your curiosity be your guide and book your reservation.

Welcome to Hotel Evil… enjoy your stay.

I am utterly thrilled to be one of the contributing authors of this project. Writing the opening chapter, which follows actress Marissa Caufield as she joins her fellow cast and crew members at the Piedmont Hotel, was an absolute blast. It was really good to get into the psyche of my good friend Marissa, discovering what made her tic, teasing out her fears to drive the story forward and lay the foundations for the other writers to continue their characters’ journies.

If you like haunted hotels, then you are going to love Hotel Evil. Here are the cast/contributing authors:

  • Anthony Sanderson – Kayla Krantz
  • Bridget Daniels – Dee Caples
  • Byron Briggs – Callum Pearce
  • Carla Maxwell – T.M. Brown
  • Clive Henderson – Tim Mendees
  • Constance Feldman – Alanna Webb
  • Felicia Santiago – Jacqueline Moran Meyer
  • Jada Little – Joshua D. Taylor
  • Jason Horn – Chisto Healy
  • Marissa Caulfield – Mark Young
  • Martin Finch – Kimberly Rei
  • Paul Santino – S.E. Howard
  • Terry Weathers – N.M. Brown

Hotel Evil is available to purchase from Amazon UK, US and worldwide.


Come and celebrate the launch of Hotel Evil. The story of a haunted hotel and a film crew who found themselves trapped together by Covid.

“Don’t miss the book launch. The writers will introduce you to some of the cast and crew of the movie that never came to be and read some of their chapters. There will be letters from family of the missing actors that inspired us to write the book. There will be a raffle for free really cool merch. It’s gonna be a blast.” Chisto Healy, editer and co-author of Hotel Evil.


Watch out, watch out! There are witches and demons and ghouls about…

Available now from Amazon UK and US.


Something scary for the weekend…

Available now from Amazon UK and US. Link in bio.

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Looking for your next good read?

Why not check out Shaun’s full review on Goodreads.

Available now from Amazon UK and US.


Under the Covers Book Reviews – Coven

Big thank you again to Under The Covers Book Reviews. So good to get reviews like this.

Here’s an extract:

Oh, Mark. Your stories never let me down.

Coven has thirteen diverse dark fantasy and horror stories, each one very different from the last. There are witches, aliens, zombies, demons, werewolves, and even a creepy-ass jungle bug. I never knew what was coming next and it was so much fun! Each story felt like it’s own little gift, especially for me.

Coven: A historical look at a coven (in this case, a family) of witches. This was one of my favorite stories in the anthology, as it was entirely fleshed out and was an interesting take on these Pagan characters. No tired tropes here!

Silent Scream: This story made me tense in the very best way. As a parent, it really resonated. Such a nightmare scenario, and everything was tied beautifully together. Another favorite.

Bugs: Oh my Goddess, this made my skin crawl. So gross, so disturbing, and so AWESOME! The moral of this story was a highlight for me too.

The Girl With the Crooked Back: I’m not going to lie, despite the epic deaths and gore…this story ultimately made me sad. I love how much emotional depth Mark can bring to a classic horror story.

Doing Time: As I was reading this, I was fascinated trying to figure out where Mark was going with this story. When the ending was revealed, I was shocked! Great misdirection here.

If you love short horror stories (and who doesn’t?), I highly recommend Coven: 13 Dark Fantasy & Horror Stories. It’s every bit as good as his previous anthology, The Heartbreaker: 13 Dark Fantasy & Horror Stories.”

The full review can be found on Facebook, Goodreads and Amazon.

The book is free to read on Kindle Unlimited and available to purchase on Amazon: UK and US.