Hotel Evil – OUT NOW!

It is rumoured the halls of the Piedmont Hotel have been filled with ghosts for years. It’s what led renowned horror director, Jason Horn, to film his latest movie there.

But Hotel Evil is more than a movie. Within these pages are the documented stories of the 13 cast and crew members and the horrors they suffered within those walls.

Dare you peer into the windows and pass through the doors into the Piedmont Hotel? Let your curiosity be your guide and book your reservation.

Welcome to Hotel Evil… enjoy your stay.

I am utterly thrilled to be one of the contributing authors of this project. Writing the opening chapter, which follows actress Marissa Caufield as she joins her fellow cast and crew members at the Piedmont Hotel, was an absolute blast. It was really good to get into the psyche of my good friend Marissa, discovering what made her tic, teasing out her fears to drive the story forward and lay the foundations for the other writers to continue their characters’ journies.

If you like haunted hotels, then you are going to love Hotel Evil. Here are the cast/contributing authors:

  • Anthony Sanderson – Kayla Krantz
  • Bridget Daniels – Dee Caples
  • Byron Briggs – Callum Pearce
  • Carla Maxwell – T.M. Brown
  • Clive Henderson – Tim Mendees
  • Constance Feldman – Alanna Webb
  • Felicia Santiago – Jacqueline Moran Meyer
  • Jada Little – Joshua D. Taylor
  • Jason Horn – Chisto Healy
  • Marissa Caulfield – Mark Young
  • Martin Finch – Kimberly Rei
  • Paul Santino – S.E. Howard
  • Terry Weathers – N.M. Brown

Hotel Evil is available to purchase from Amazon UK, US and worldwide.


Come and celebrate the launch of Hotel Evil. The story of a haunted hotel and a film crew who found themselves trapped together by Covid.

“Don’t miss the book launch. The writers will introduce you to some of the cast and crew of the movie that never came to be and read some of their chapters. There will be letters from family of the missing actors that inspired us to write the book. There will be a raffle for free really cool merch. It’s gonna be a blast.” Chisto Healy, editer and co-author of Hotel Evil.


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