Hello there!

Hey you! How’s it going? How is YOUR week shaping up? Feel free to drop a comment below. Would be great to hear from you.


4 thoughts on “Hello there!

  1. Hey Mark, well as you know we lost our beautiful german shepherd Max recently but we have been comforted by many signs that he is still around us. Hope you are well. I’m trespassing Jack Ketchum’s Off Season tonight. Have read the unabridged vetsion before but this is the original paperback which was cut by the publisher. What have you been reading?

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    1. Hey Marina it’s great to hear from. I was sad to hear about your loss. But like you say as one soul passes onto another plain there are still traces of the joyful memories they leave behind.

      All is good here. In full in creative mode atm which is good after the hiatus I had earlier this year.

      I have Off Season on my shelf too. Bought it in November last year to read. Got about 40 pages left of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children Book 4 to go, then I might read that next so we can compare notes. I’ve read The Girl Next Door before which was really good so I shall give this one a go next.

      I’ve also been delving into a variety of graphic novels this year too. I’ve set myself 100 books to read this year on goodreads so I thought I’d get a head start! Lol😆👍🏻


      1. That’s awesome Mark. Sounds like you are doing well which is always nice to hear. Yes you should read Off Season. It’s such a good book!


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