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Professional actor and singer.


Author of the 13 Dark Fantasy & Horror Stories series.


Author and narrator of short audio horror stories on youtube.


“Each Story is very different to the next, such diversity which can be a tough call but Mark Young is a talented writer with a great imagination for the creepy and macabre”

Marina Schnierer, Australia

“A really exciting book – a group of really interesting, engaging, thrilling and scary short stories by a new writer. I’m looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next!”

Martin Eden, UK

“Such a good mix of genres, if you like Tales of the Unexpected and the Twilight Zone you will love these stories.”

Judy Dye, UK

“The Heartbreaker capitalises on one of the greatest strengths of the form, its flexibility. If you like not knowing what the next story will be about, because it could be about anything, you’ll have a ball.”

Gary Simpson, Scotland

“The Stories are brilliant. The characters are relatable. The horror is gruesome. Fast, scary, in your face horror and excitement.”

Ben Chadwick, USA

What an amazing debut. Each of the 13 stories is different yet firmly within the horror/sci-fi fantasy theme. The stories are brought to life with vivid descriptions and real characters. A real treat!”

Vicky Pennington, UK


Mark Young is a professional actor, singer and self-published writer living in the London area.

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