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“Free your imagination, come join me on this ride;
Roller-coasting through our fears to the other side.
Into the chains of monsters and the keepers of the crypt.
In Pandora’s box we’ll write the words of our very own manuscript.”
Mark Young, 2019
Mark Young is a huge fan of horror film and fiction. Turning his love of scary movies and books into a creative venture back in 2013, he has since been honing his craft, creating a whole new universe of characters and stories to excite, delight and frighten the child within us all.
His debut anthology: “The Heartbreaker – 13 Horror and Dark Fantasy Stories” is available in both digital and paperback formats from Amazon. For more information go to The Heartbreaker page.
Hailing (as one does) from London, Mark is an early riser and enjoys meditating and keeping gym fit
Mark is also a professional actor.
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Poem by Mark Young. (c) Mark Young 2019