It has been a great adventure delving into the world of storytelling. To bring these tales and their characters to life in these pages for the enjoyment of others is a dream come true.

As a fan of horror film and fiction creating a whole new universe of characters and stories to excite, delight and frighten the child within us all has always been and continues to be my goal.

And the response has been fantastic! Through writing I’ve made many friends and followers around the world. I’m so pleased to hear readers have connected with these tales of terror. Because of this I’m very excited and looking forward to sharing the next volume in the ’13’ series with you. I’m in the process of producing the final edit as you read this. ‘Coven’ will be available later this year. Watch this space!

The 13′ Dark Fantasy and Horror Stories Anthology series has truly been a labour of love. And if you haven’t read it yet, why not give yourself a treat and see what all the fuss is about. The Heartbreaker is available for Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and paperback formats from Amazon.

If you’d like to know what readers have been saying about The Heartbreaker you can check out their reviews here.

“The bogeyman. His eyes are on me. All the time. In the park. The car. At the school gate. At home by the bedroom door. He’s always there. Watching. Waiting.” Extract from Black Mist by Mark Young

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