Deep Sea Hell Beast

A flash fiction story by Mark Young Water gushed down the scaly skin of the blob-like mass as the creature emerged from the sea. A multitude of unlidded eyes glared at onlookers, many on land reaching for their phones to find they no longer worked. It bared a mouthful of razored teeth. It announced itsContinue reading “Deep Sea Hell Beast”


CONNECT (c) 2021 Mark Young.

Mark Young to feature in The Macabre Ladies present ‘Drabbles of Dread’ anthology.

So excited to share with you that I’ve just had five of my stories accepted into “The Macabre Ladies present Drabbles of Dread.” Oh Father! Ravenous Beloved Beheaded Killer’s Lair and Pecking Order Released on 15th July 2020. Available for pre-order now.