Deep Sea Hell Beast

A flash fiction story by Mark Young

Water gushed down the scaly skin of the blob-like mass as the creature emerged from the sea. A multitude of unlidded eyes glared at onlookers, many on land reaching for their phones to find they no longer worked.

It bared a mouthful of razored teeth. It announced its presence with a screech that tore into the ears of everyone within the vicinity.

Chaos ensued.

Filled with terror, holiday makers fled the sea for land but found no refuge when the creature pursued. Pulling itself onto the beach with its suckered tentacles, it swiped at the human delicacies falling in its path.

Snatching at the limbs of screaming teenagers. Gobbling fallen children whole. Cracking and crunching bones. Tearing flesh with its bladed teeth. Blood dribbled from its blubbery lips. It screamed with relish as it devoured the meaty morsels scrambling before it. Dinner had been served.

Whistles blowing, lifeguards came to the rescue. They fought through the bolting hordes only to turn and run when they saw the creature up close.

It was every man, woman, and child for themselves.

Many didn’t live to tell the tale while many escaped with their lives, traumatized by the horrors they had witnessed.

There have been many possible sightings since, and authorities are on a hunt to capture the monster before it causes any more deaths.

To this day the creature has still not been found.

© 2021 Mark Young


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