“Your heart is in his hands” artwork.

Recently I’ve been spending a little less time on social media and re-teaching myself to draw (when I’m not reading or writing). So I thought I’d take the opportunity to share with you the fruits of my labour.

This piece is inspired by the anti-hero Steve Wrangler from my short story The Heartbreaker.

Here’s a snippet. I hope you like it.

“Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be the subject of your own experiment, Dr Knight?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m tired of having my heartstrings pulled. You wanted to change the experiment – reverse the procedure. I’m ready to oblige.” With a simple flick of my hand, I wrench Doc up. “Sweet dreams, Dr Knight.”

My hand clasps his heart – his organ like a spasmed fist. The pumping muscle punches against the breastplate as I pull it toward me. His toes scrape the concrete, as I drag his body in my direction. I grab Doc by the throat, still pulling his heart with the other hand. His body shudders. Blood gurgles in his throat and spills down his chin.

Chest bone cracks.

Rib cage rips open.

Blood soaks his clothes, reddening his crisp white coat. Doc’s heart floats into my palm and I crush it with my bare hand.

His limp body drops.

Blood pours from his mouth as he lands on his knees. Crack.

He tumbles over, smashing his head on the ground. He looks pathetic, almost comical, slumped on the concrete with his bulging eyes popping out of his head.

The alarm registers again, followed by the sound of voices.

No time to lose.

I run for the car, jump in and start the engine.

From the short story The Heartbreaker from ‘The Heartbreaker: 13 Dark Fantasy & Horror Stories published by Red Ink Publishing. Extract and illustration by Mark Young. (c) 2020 Mark Young.

Illustration by Mark Young. (c) 2020 Mark Young.


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