If I Die Before I Wake Volume 3 is available now.

Absolutely thrilled to receive my author copy of If I Die Before I Wake Volume 3 from Sinister Smile Press.

Featuring “To Hell and Back” by yours truly this short horror story sits among 15 tales of deadly women and retribution by 15 other amazing authors.

Former assassin Amelia is forced on a mission by her daughter’s kidnappers. Using every trick in her arsenal she faces the darkest evils and the most impossible dilemmas as she journeys through the bowels of hell in a bid to rescue her daughter.

“To Hell and Back.” reviews.

Mark’s vision of the hell he describes in this story of a former assassin on a mission that matters is not only wrought with descriptions that are the stuff of nightmares, but is also infused with his cheeky sense of style. Mark takes his unlikely heroine on a jaunt through the caverns of hell itself and his visceral descriptions of her experiences bring to mind strong Clive Barker influences, he nails the impossible and horrific with his words! His quote: “The way back isn’t always the way home” stuck with me long after I finished reading.”  Ruthann Jagge, author.

“Very imaginative and I enjoyed it because, with the demons and witches and salt circles, it felt like watching an episode of (my guilty pleasure 🤭) Supernatural.” Farrah, Goodreads review.

“A devilish story about a woman, Amelia, who is forced to travel to the underworld to kill a specific prisoner in order to save her kidnapped daughter. This was one crazy ride!” Brigett Nelson, Author and Reviewer.

“…the final confrontation was cool.” Javier, Goodreads review.

“Very cool themes of paranormal, horror, and suspense. Not to mention a kickass main character.” Kayla Krantz, author.

“There are stories that fit into the realm of Fantasy like “To Hell and Back” with its epic quest that plays with what it means to ensure survival” Hollis Queens, Goodreads review.

Check out reviews and ratings for the full volume here at: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/51269007-if-i-die-before-i-wake

Get the book everyone’s talking about. Available now to buy in paperback, hardback, kindle and free on kindle unlimited. Click here.


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