Coven: 13 Dark Fantasy & Horror Stories RELEASE EVENT

On 13th July 2020 I’ll be hosting a launch event for my new book “Coven: 13 Dark Fantasy & Horror Stories” with a selection of posts throughout the day on both Facebook and Instagram – both @markyounginfo

Starting from 7am BST (British Summer Time)… Please come join the launch throughout the day. Would be great to see you there. Got a few things lined up I hope you’ll enjoy…😘😁😘🧛‍♂️

For a chance to win, DM (via Facebook or Instagram messenger) a pic of your pet enjoying a copy of ‘The Heartbreaker’ – the first collection in the ‘13’ series (this can be with Kindle or paperback). And if you haven’t got a pet maybe you can borrow someone else’s or send in a photo of yourself with the book/ebook instead.

The more creative you can be with your photograph, the better.

I’ll select my favourite picture from the submissions and will announce the winner on Monday 13th July 2020.

Please feel free to invite friends and anyone else who loves horror and short horror stories. Hope to see you there!

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