If you are reading this I’m sure you already know Gremlins is comedy horror at its best. From the lovable Mogwai, Gizmo, to the vicious and violent Stripe. And let’s not forget Brains and co. in the hilarious sequel that is Gremlins 2: The New Batch.

These films somehow magically blend comedy with all out gruesome horror through these masterful and wonderfully imagined puppet creations.

Gizmo is the pet we wish we all had, but why do we love his grotesque counterparts so much? What exactly is their appeal? Having watched these two films these last few nights I can only put it down to one thing. Because we see ourselves – our society – in these ghastly creatures. And that is wherein great comedy lies.

I saw Gremlins on pirate VHS when I was around eight years old. So it is a film I grew up with. And when the sequel came along I jumped at the chance to see it on the big screen.

Reported to be coming to HBO Max in 2021.

It has been announced that a ten-part animated TV series is due to hit the small screen next year on HBO max – HBO, who have produced some of the finest television we’ve seen these last few decades. Animation usually suggests a franchise will be aimed at a younger audience. Whether that animation is computer generated or hand drawn we’re yet to be treated to a sneak preview. But I’m keeping an open mind – just look at what Netflix did for The Dark Crystal – in my opinion the best TV series of last year. For me it was as good as Game of Thrones. Anyway, for now we’ll just have to enjoy what we have with these two great movies and the memories that go with them.

So which is your favourite? Are you a sucker for Gizmo like me? Or are you a fan of one of the dastardly, mischevious villains? Maybe you have a favourite scene? Drop a comment or gif below. I’d love to see who your favourites are and hear your memories of seeing the films.

And if you are interested to find out who initially created the Gremlins and how the first film came into my life – feel free to check out my (free) story: Nightmares & Scary Tales

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