Thomas Harris’ Hannibal Lector

This week I’ve been watching the Hannibal Lector films, starting with Hannibal Rising and Red Dragon.

I first saw The Silence of the Lambs when it came out on video (I was too young to see it at the cinema on release) and I was blown away. It was the first time I saw a thriller where you knew whodunnit. Where could they possibly go with the story if you know who the killer is? Right?

No spoilers here for those who haven’t seen it yet. But the twist is superb. And unexpected.

Jodie Foster’s and, of course, Anthony Hopkins’ iconic performance were well deserved of their Oscar wins in my opinion. Hopkins plays Lector with such quiet charm – luring you in with those deep blue eyes and softly spoken voice. He made the whole performance appear effortless. But hats off to the whole cast and crew too because I think it’s one of those films that are flawless.

The film got me onto the books. And the source material is highly gripping and thoroughly entertaining.

I’ve yet to read Hannibal Rising. And I may even give the TV series a shot – although it’s going to be hard to shake Anthony Hopkins out of the role of Hannibal the Cannibal.

What do you think of this series? Do you still hear the lambs, Clarice?

Drop a comment below. Would love to hear from you.

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