Monday Motivation on a Tuesday 21st April 2020

This last week, this self-isolation business hit me. I found it very hard to focus on anything creative, and was in desperate need of a change of scenery. Yes, I go for a daily walk (practising social distancing, of course) and I even had a trip to the supermarket. While its a break in the day/week it’s hardly a change of scenery. I really miss going to different places, meeting new people, catching up with friends and family; and having new experiences – even if it’s just a trip to the cinema to see a film.

There are days when I can push myself and work through it. And there are days when I just ride the wave and let whatever thoughts and emotions I have run their course.

Today is a good day. The sun is shining. The skies are blue. Temperatures are forecast to be very warm here in the UK this week. I’m feeling quite positive and motivated.

The most important thing is to laugh. I’m fortunate enough to live with my partner and silliness and laughter is a part of our schtick. Which is why I’m going to leave you with a meme I’ve created myself. Something that reminds me not to take life too seriously. I hope it makes you smile. Have a great week.

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