Velvet Buzzsaw (Netflix) – Review

Art seeks revenge.

Artists. Critics. Gallery owners. Buyers/sellers. And their minions. Most of the characters as you can imagine are pretty self-obsessed, pretentious and driven by their own ambition so it’s pretty hard to feel or relate to them emotionally. Unless, of course, this kind of thing rocks your world, then – each to their own.

However, it’s quite a large cast led by Jake Gyellenhall, Zowe Ashton, Toni Collette, John Malcovich and Rene Russo. And because the characters, including the supporting cast, are well-written and fully rounded their was enough here to keep me intrigued. That, and good performances from the actors, make it enjoyable viewing.

Is it scary? No. Interesting? Yes.

The pacing is good – I didn’t find myself reaching for the stop button on my remote. It had some interesting kills. And some stunning landscape/aerial establishing shots. Definitely worth a look.

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